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Going Google - Top tools for business

Google started out as a humble search engine but now offers an amazing array of tools and services, some well known and others not so. Many of their services can be a real benefit to business, offering a low cost, well supported way of gaining access to some powerful tools to help grow your business. […]

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A beginners guide to online marketing

Online marketing is a term that seems to encompass a mind boggling array of options, all of which can be complex, confusing and ultimately time consuming to those that are not directly working within this industry. As a result of this I thought I would create the beginners guide to online marketing, providing you with […]

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New website launches

Flow has recently launched a new website for Integratos. They required a complete redesign of their existing website to provide a more professional approach to their clients. The website features a content management system and secure zones for registered clients to login and access information. You can check out the website at

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Security, Hacking and your website - your questions answered

There has been a significant increase in hacking attempts on websites over the last few months with many major companies having their websites compromised. Just this week Living Social had to contact its 50 million members to notify them that their customer database has been compromised. Many clients have been asking us why websites get […]

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Top 5 tips for getting started in eCommerce, things you need to know

It all seems so obvious and easy but there are some very real things to consider before going down the eCommerce website route.

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Sydney Hypnosis Clinic

A complete redesign of the company website for this northern beaches based hypnosis clinic. The new website features content management, integrated customer database, integrated email marketing and blogging functionality.

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Google AdWords – 4 Fundamental Keyword Research Steps

Anyone with even a small amount of experience with Google AdWords can tell you – It’s a complicated beast. Over the years, Google have added a huge variety of different matching options, reports, & features that allow you to have maximum control over your campaign targeting

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Technorati validation

This code is needed to validate this blog with Technorati X58UV2TXUF58

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The Proof is in the Tracking

Here at Flow we spend a lot of time and effort trying to understand who your site visitors are and what issues, questions or solutions they are looking for. Based on this, we design a site that collectively (as in our clients and us) believe will serve the needs of those visitors as we perceive […]

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Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and why your business should be in the cloud

What happens when the unimaginable happens? What happens when the server dies, your hard drive fries itself or your website goes down?

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