Website Performance Optimisation.

Website load time can make or break a business website.
With 1 in 4 visitors abandoning a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load and Google now using performance as a ranking factor can you afford to have a slow loading website?
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Did you know?

The longer a site takes to load the higher the "bounce rate" for that site will be. This means for every second that your site takes to load you could be losing 10% or more of your visitors!

A website should load within 3 seconds (2 seconds for eCommerce)
A recent analysis of 5 million pages found average load times were 10.3s for desktop and 27.3s on mobile
Google is now using performance metrics in its ranking algorithm
Slow load times are cited as the #1 reason visitors abandon shopping carts
The probability of "bounce" increases 32% as load time goes from 1 seconds to 3 seconds (Google/SOASTA Research)
A fast website is good for user experience, leads to higher conversions and increased customer loyalty

Why are most websites slow?

There are many reasons why a website might be slow to load.

A website is made up of a number of elements all of which need to work together to have a nice, fast loading website. Some of the things which can cause website to be slow loading include:

Cheap or inadequate website hosting
Website themes or templates with lots of "bloat"
Unoptimised images and media content
Poor website coding practices
Little or no performance optimisation setup

With the rise of many website building platforms and content management systems such as WordPress it has become increasingly easy to build a website.

The down side to this is that there is little or no thought or knowledge applied to how these sites are built and hosted to ensure they load quickly and operate efficiently.

SEO Google

We walk the talk see how fast this site loads

Keeping Google happy

How we can help your website load fast.

We have invested many hours in understanding what makes a website load fast.

We can help improve your website load time by:

completing a full website audit
delivering a full report with recommendations
implementing the technical recommendations to your website
retesting your website and delivering results

We are so confident that we can speed up your website that if we do not get a speed improvement we will give you your money back.

Contact us today to discuss your website speed and how we can make your site go like a rocket.

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