Petmates Pet Services

A local pet care service that wanted to stand out from the crowd in a reasonably busy market.

Flow worked with the client on developing a concept based upon initial discussions on how they would like the company to be perceived, who their target market was and the overall goals of the business.

The themes fun, friendly and professional were chosen as the core basis and a complete branding project launched to develop a concept that reflected these themes.

The Brand

The brand was developed as a fun friendly approach using the stylised dog and cat smiling to reinforce the concepts and approach of the company.

An informal and fun typeface was selected that comes in two forms for a more complex and simple usage as appropriate.

The core colour palette was developed to match the outdoor nature of the company incorporating blues, greens and orange / yellow highlights.


Once the logo and style guide had been developed work started on the web design project. The website had to also reflect the core themes and a few concepts were pitched to the client with the final design using an outside theme with a specially selected range of photos and a bright colour scheme.

The Website (version 2)

This new version of the website was designed to build upon the core values of the business and to focus on the points of difference over other dog walking and pet minding companies.

The site keeps the fresh outdoors approach of the company and uses client supplied photos and imagery to present the fun the animals have when out on their walks.

Strong calls to action and social media integration ensured that conversions are maximised.


Core to the sites success was effective ranking in search engines for selected keywords. Flow worked with the client to understand the core target keywords and phrases and optimised the site content and structure to maximise search engine visibility.

The resulting site has been hugely successful with strong client feedback. Flow was able to get the site listed on Google within 3 days, with front page ranking for a selection of keywords and position 1 ranking for for a range of key phrases.

Following on from the initial project Flow has worked closely with the client to develop an on-going marketing strategy which has delivered:

Social Media marketing including customised Facebook landing page and social media management

Second interation of the website including content management system, blog and social media integration

Email marketing and online marketing campaigns

What the client says:

Flow rocks! Thanks so much for a great website my clients love the design it really stands out. Getting our site onto Google within days gave our business the best start possible. These guys are so easy to work with and they look at the overall needs of the business and help you understand how the different options available can help your business, I would recommend them to anyone looking to start or grow their business online.

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