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As a web design and development company our aim is to help small and medium sized business to get the most out of their online presence.

Often we are called in to help refresh a website and help the business to maximise the potential of being online. Having an effective website can be one of the most cost effective marketing tools your business can have.

In this case study we thought it would be useful to show the process of how a website can be redesigned and the benefit that can be achieved.

Stage 1 – Website Review

The first stage is the review the current website with the client to understand what they do and do not like and what their future plans and goals for the site are.

Now this is absolutely key to creating an effective website for your business, what do you want it to do for you and what are the specific, measurable goals you want to achieve with it?

If you do not have goals and objectives how will you know if the new site is better or worse than what you currently have? Common goals and objectives are increased sales, increased enquiries, brand awareness, more customers.

Aroma Ki wanted to position themselves as the premier day spa and beauty salon on the Northern Beaches and to potentially attract clients from Sydney as well. They wanted to increase enquiries and visitors to the spa as well as be able to sell products and gift vouchers online.

Stage 2 – website planning and architecture

In Stage 2 we worked with the client to map out all of the information they wanted on the new site and how that information would link together in a logical way for the website user. They key here is to profile and map out the users of the site. By understanding who you are trying to attract and their needs and desires you can map out the website to deliver that information effectively.

A website site map is created showing how all of the pages and information is structured and how it all links together.

Discussions were then had around how the client wished to manage their site in the future. How did they see the site growing over time, did they want to have full control of the content? Did they want to collect client information? Did they want to sell products online?

This is vital to understand the ongoing requirements, ensuring the site architecture supports the business now and into the future without requiring further costly development or reliance on the web design company. The ensures the client gets the most suitable, and most cost effective solution.

Finally we needed to understand how the client wanted to drive traffic to their new site. Would it be via search (Google), printed advertising, social media? Once this is understood it can be factored into the design and development stage.

For this project the client wanted to drive traffic primarily through search. This required the site to be “search engine optimised” for specific words and phrases to ensure it ranked well. We worked with the client to research the most specific keywords and phrases that matched their business goals.

Stage 3 – website design

Once all of this work has been completed we then moved onto the actual design piece. By this stage we know what the client wanted to achieve with the site, who their target audience is and what information they want to present. This provides a solid basis for designing a site around the core business requirements not just designing a pretty site that does not deliver results.

The second part of the mix for the design process is to work within and complement any existing branding the business has (logo, colour scheme, graphic style). Aroma Ki had just undergone a rebrand with new colouring and concepts which we worked with the client to understand and incorporate into the website design. This ensured a consistent approach from the website through to the printed literature and the spa itself.

Design concepts were developed and presented to the client, which were then refined to produce the final site template designs.

Old site:


New site (version 2):


The new site design was aimed at creating a sense of peace and calm whilst representing the high quality of the spa. The warm colours match the aroma ki branding and are geared towards the primarily female target audience.

The home page presents a brief overview of the business along with relevant links into the main areas of the site. All of the site navigation is presented using “drop down” menus to give a quick overview and easy access to all of the site content. The right hand panel provides access to a newsletter sign up along with monthly specials and gift voucher purchase. A clear “call to action” is presented on each page which is to phone or book online. Having a monthly newsletter gives you the ability to engage with your customers on a regular basis, reminding them about your business and what it offer and adding value through offers or additional information such as news and articles.

Stage 4 – Site Build

This stage is where the website is actually built. The client provided the content and images for the site and this was built using the design and architecture previously developed.

The site was built using a Content Management System (CMS) which allows the client full access to all of the content and functionality of the site. This means they can edit, delete and create website pages, manage the online store, send client newsletters, change monthly specials and much more by themselves without further involvement of the web company.

This is not always required for every project, but is useful for most. As a guide if you think you will edit or update the site more than 3 times a year the CMS will pay for itself in the first year. We like to leave a client as self sufficient as possible so that you stay in control of your site and only need to involve us if you need major additions or modifications.

The CMS systems we use have no licencing fees providing a very cost effective way to manage and grow your site over time.

Google Analytics was installed within the site to monitor site traffic and user behaviour on the site. This is critical to understanding how your site is performing and how it can be improved. You can monitor the number of visitors, where they came from and what they did on the site once there.

Stage 5 – Testing and Go Live

Once the site was built it was extensively tested to ensure it worked as required across different web browsers and computers to ensure it works for everyone.

Once the site was complete it was presented to the client for review and any feedback or changes incorporated into the system.

Once the client was happy the old site was removed and replaced with the new version. New website hosting was provided to provide a more stable, faster environment for the site to run on.

The results

The client has received a great deal of positive feedback on the new website from new and existing clients.

Sales are up 40% this year (which cannot solely be attributed to the new website)

The website ranks in the top three results on the first page of Google for chosen search terms (this is an ongoing process that improves over time).

Website visits are up over 30% with an average time spent on the site of 3 minutes and average number of pages viewed per visit of 6.

Over 70% of the website traffic comes from search – 68% of this from Google.

A word from the client

“Thanks Ivan, I am thrilled with my new look website.  We are getting so many more calls from clients who have found us via the web which is exactly what we wanted”

Aroma Ki Day Spa Sydney – Beauty Salon Northern Beaches

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