Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily add and update content on your website yourself without having to get your web design company to do it for you.

CMS systems were once the domain of big corporate companies with lots of money but now there is a massive range of CMS systems available on the market, some free, some not and all offering different features and benefits.

Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

No we’re not calling you stupid but using the common acronym KISS. Unless you are planning on becoming the next big thing you probably only need some basic functions like editing content, uploading images and adding new pages. In the future you may want to add on some more advanced features like a blog.

At Flow we will help you to think about what features you need and then pick a system that is easy to start off with but offers plenty of possibilities to expand in the future.

Go with the flow (no pun intended)

At Flow we are not tied to any specific technologies or platforms allowing us to understand your requirements and then recommend the most appropriate system.

Some content management systems can be perfect for small business sites but will start to become restrictive if you want to expand your business and start performing more complex work online.

Other content management systems can have all the bells and whistles but be a much steeper learning curve initially and may have features you will never use.

No Custom Content Management Systems

Many web design companies have created and offer their own CMS systems. Some of these systems are really very good, but there are massive drawbacks to using a custom CMS, especially if you no longer want to work with that company anymore.

Chances are that if your site is built on a custom CMS you will not find anyone else that has access to or can use that system outside of the current web design company. This potentially ties you to them forever, which is never a good thing.

If you choose a company that works with well known systems, there will be a large variety of suppliers who all know how to work with and develop your site using that platform, just in case you no longer wish to work with your current supplier.

One of the main benefits of a popular CMS is they are usually backed up by a very enthusiastic user base that will develop and provide many add-ons (plugins) offering extra functionality which can be easily added to the site (often for free!).

We’re Here to Help

Let us help you understand and choose the right content management system for your project. Give us a call for a free no-obligation chat about your goals to see how we can help you.

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