Top 5 tips to get more leads from your website

So you have a website and it is working for your business but could it be working even harder? There are often some simple things that get missed out by web designers that could seriously impact the number of leads you are getting from your website. Check out our current top 5 tips to see if you are missing any.

its all about meNumber 5:

It’s all about me

Often business makes the mistake of content being all about them. We have been, we are the leading, we offer an amazing range.

If I am visiting your site I want to know what you are going to do for me, I don’t really care about you (much) so tell me how you are going to solve my problem, make my life better.

Number 4:

Don’t make me think!

Don't make me thinkIf I am on your website and I have to think, even for 1 minute about what to do next then your website has problems.

Each page of your site, along with the overall design, should be designed and tailored to simply and efficiently inform me and then guide me as to what to do next.

Make sure each page has a “call to action”, a clear and prominent option telling the visitor what you want them to do. For example Contact Us Today, Enquire Online or Buy it Now!

Take a look at your home page and other pages; is it clear what options are available to me or what I should do next?

Number 3:

We don’t know each other but…

trustOften the first interaction someone has with your business is through your website. What evidence are you giving them that they can trust you and want to do business with you or buy your product?

Trust indicators on sites can have a massive impact on conversions, think about what elements you can add to your site that act as trust indicators such as:

Industry or trade accreditations or memberships

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Client logos
  • Social media integration

Number 2:

nothinkKeep it simple….stupid

We all know this one yet so often it is not applied to websites. The temptation is to cram everything onto one page to try and say everything in one go.

Simple fact is people do not read websites and will make a decision on whether to engage with your site in less than 10 seconds.

Keep your site simple to understand, keep content short and split into simple paragraphs.

Keep forms as simple as possible, don’t ask for too much too soon, just go for the absolute must haves.

Make sure your site is well optimized and loads fast.

Make sure your contact details are easy to find on every page of your site.

Number 1:

The value add proposition

value add propositionOur top tip for improving leads from your website is what we call the Value Add Proposition. This is a fancy way of saying give them something for their effort, make it worth their while.

The idea behind this concept is to think of something that costs your business little or nothing to give away but adds value to your potential new clients.

This can be in the form of a digital download (think eBooks, webinar recordings etc) or a free service (free initial consultation, first visit free etc).

This way you are giving your site visitor a compelling reason to give you their details and get in touch. Essentially you are rewarding them for the behavior you want most and we all love getting a freebie!

We hope this article has given you some thought and ideas on how to make your website work harder for your business, if you would like a free website consultation then please get in touch with Ivan on 1300 77 3569 to see how we can help improve your website.


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