Rapidly Increase Conversions in One Day Using Email Lists

an-e-mail-1215930-mOne of the easiest ways to increase sales is to create an email list of subscribers. With a couple of hundred or even a thousand or more names on your list, you can quickly and effectively market your new ideas, services, discounts, special offers, competitions and a host of other great marketing materials to interested customers.

After all, people who subscribe to your email list are either current customers or people interested in your services or products. It is much easier to market to these people and to turn them into repeat customers, than to find brand new customers.

So if you don’t already have an email subscription box on your website, put some serious thought into how this can help market your business and increase conversions. If you already have a subscription box, then here is an easy and simple technique that you can use today, which you might not have considered, to increase subscription conversions and to ultimately increase sales conversions.

Monetise the About Us page

The About Us page on your website usually contains information about yourself, your company, your staff and your philosophy. Essentially, everyone’s About Us page will be different, but normally contains some or all of this information, in some form or another.

If you think about it however, who actually reads the About Us page? In all likelihood it is someone who wants to know more about your business and if that is so, then it is also likely that they are really interested in your products or services and want to know more about your company.

In other words, they are ready to convert in some way – maybe to contact your company, make a booking, call your office or buy a product or service. In this frame of mind, people are more likely to subscribe to your email list (even if they are not willing to purchase today), because being in a ‘conversion’ state of mind, they are more easily persuaded to take some form of action.

So make it easy for them by having an opt-in box on this page, above the fold so it is clearly seen. Also, have a different opt-in box at the bottom of the page.

Opt-in Boxes

What is an opt-in box? It’s simply another name for an email subscription box. Have one designed so it is visually appealing with one or two sentences that cut right to the heart of what you can offer to them. Use your high converting keywords in these sentences, mention words like ‘free’ and ‘exclusive’ and emphasise their pain points and how you can solve their problems. Then add a highlighted subscription box and give them a clear call to action to sign to up to your list.

Place this first box above the fold on your About Us page, so it is easily seen and then have a second box designed for the bottom of the page. Don’t use the same opt-in box twice on the page, make them different, but with the same goal of converting viewers into subscribers. Make your messages compelling, but short and to the point and don’t forget the call to action buttons.

Measure your new conversions

Check how well these opt-in boxes convert using Google Analytics or any other analytical package you currently utilise. You can also use heat maps, which are a great way to track where people click on your web pages, giving you up to the minute data on the best placement on your page for the opt-in boxes.

For heat maps you can check out Crazy Egg, which is free for the first 30 days and then costs as low as $9/month. Another option is to try A/B testing for the best converting placement on your page, the most optimal call to action text and the colour of the call to action button that creates the highest conversions.

There are many different techniques you can use to increase conversions, so consider adding an opt-in box to your website and watch your conversions grow.

If you need help with opt-in boxes or with increasing traffic and conversions, contact us on 02 8097 7957 or complete our online enquiry form.


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