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(How good design on a website can return real return on investment)

Having a website presence is one thing, getting that website presence to generate a return on investment is completely another story. You may spend a lot of money building your site and driving traffic to it, but if it does not convert those visitors it is pointless. The key factor in whether your site will attract, interest and retain a visitor is the design.

Your website extends and represents your business on the Internet. The first essential step that it must achieve is attracting the attention of your potential customers. In order to make their websites look super-attractive, a number of online business owners go way too far and cram their websites with too many design and graphic elements. But that is a mistake, these only confuse visitors looking for information on the website; they do not know what to click and where to go!

What really differentiates a good web design from a bad web design are these factors:

  • Appropriate targeted design for the intended audience
  • Clear simple navigation
  • Appropriate use of colour and imagery
  • Short pieces of content structured to allow for scanning
  • Clear and obvious calls to action

If you have a website, you obviously want it to promote your brand, generate sales leads and prompt sales, but in order to do this, your website must not only pull enough relevant traffic but also retain them so that they can navigate through the web pages and are compelled to take an action.

10 seconds or they are gone

Recent research has shown that you have less than 10 seconds to grab your visitors interest before they leave and go somewhere else. Having an effective, targeted design is absolutely key in making this happen.

A good web design is the first impression of your business. Thought must be given to who your target market is and what the issues, problems or challenges they face are. Your site design should be as clear and simple as possible using simple navigation and well established design principles to ensure the visitor is comfortable and can easily choose the right option to select. Overloading a site with too much content, adverts, flashing promotions and other irrelevant content can be too confusing!

Put yourself in the picture

Say for instance, you are visiting an online shopping store to buy a camera, but before you can even get to the page that lists all the cameras, your computer screen is taken over by a host of banner ads, pop-up commercials, refer-and-win announcements, with loud audio playing in the background that cannot be muted, would you still stay on the website? Definitely not! Remember, your visitors, who can turn into your potential clients, will do the same – navigate away from your webpage and go to your competitors’ website instead!

Essentially a bad website design wastes your potential client’s time. If your visitors cannot find what they are looking for within a limited span of a few seconds, they will visit another website. Even one visitor moving away from your website means one potential customer added to your competitors’ profit. Would you want to drive potential business away from your website?

Getting that return on investment

By spending time and money on investing in a unique, well planned and implemented website design you will achieve excellent return on investment and lots of new business.

Remember, first impression is the last impression. If your visitors are not impressed by what they see your competitor’s sites are just one click away!

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