Facebook landing pages - do they work?

Here at Flow we have been working with some clients to create landing pages for their business on Facebook.

There has been quite a lot of press and comment about whether this is worth the time and effort involved.

At Flow we believe it is worthwhile as long as you have a plan and goals that you wish to achieve.Facebook functions very well as the top of the "funnel", a great way to get exposure to a wide audience and to potentially get some of those people to interact with your business whether that be via:

  • Competition entry
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Share or Like

Having a customised landing page presents a branded, interesting and potentially interactive experience for a user all within the confines of Facebook. By having goals in place that you want users to take when they reach that page you can measure success and return on investment.

Case Study

cpfacebookWe recently created landing pages for Cruise Passenger. They frequently run competitions and drive traffic to their landing page via Facebook ads. By ensuring the ads match the content of the landing page and that the landing page is well designed with clear calls to action they have a very effective mechanism for getting competition entries and newsletter sign-ups. Go check it out if you fancy winning a free cruise!

Landing pages can be just used for brand awareness but what purpose do they serve? Someone may come to the page once but there is no reason for them to ever come back. Better to create an interesting landing page with calls to action to Like or Share. This then needs to be followed up with regular, relevant and value add status updates that form a conversation of value to the user. Think special offers, articles, freebies etc.

By giving your Facebook landing page concept some thought you can make this additional marketing channel work hard for your business.

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