30% Tax Rebate on Business Investment

That's right, sometimes you do get something for nothing (well almost).  As part of the Government stimulus package:

A potential 30% tax deduction is available on the cost of a new website paid for before June 30th 2009!

We have it on advice from the Australian Taxation Office, that if you purchase a new website before 30th June 2009, you may be eligible for a 30% tax deduction on its cost in addition to any other tax deductions available.

What does this mean to me?

If you purchased a new website from Flow today which included:

* Unique custom design based on your business goals
* Carefully crafted content
* Search engine optimisation
* Content Management System
* Guaranteed listing in Google
* For the investment of just $4000

You could save $1200!

That's right a $1200 saving that helps your business grow, helps you earn more money and all for the average cost of just $2800!

But hurry this incentive is only available to those who pay for their website before June 30th 2009, there can be up to a 6 week lead time to design and develop a website so time is running out.

Also be aware that this incentive applies to capital investment for business. So you could buy a new computer or other asset and potentially receive the same tax relief!

Please note: This article is not intended as financial advice and you should always check with your accountant or financial advisor to ensure this applies to you before investing any money.


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