25 Tips to Increase Website Conversions

conversionConversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a set of techniques or strategies that increases the likelihood of a visitor to your website taking an action that has value to your business.

In simple terms this can mean increasing the chance that a user will make a purchase, download a free eBook, submit an enquiry or sign up for a monthly newsletter. Since your conversion rate determines your return on investment (ROI) any strategies that help to increase conversions also helps your bottom line.

So here are 25 tips to increase conversions on your website:

  1. Know the demographics of your customers, so you can target the right audience
  2. Make use of Google Analytics to identify your conversion funnel
  3. Check out behaviour trackers like CrazyEgg to understand how visitors engage with your web pages
  4. Find out how user-friendly your website really is by using performance useability test – try Whatusersdo.com
  5. Ask your customers for feedback – send them a survey using SurveyMonekey
  6. Compare different versions of a webpage for conversions using Googles’ Website Optimizer tool
  7. Try using A/B testing to compare different call to action placements and statements
  8. Focus on the benefits of your products or services, not on their features
  9. Have a prominent call to action statement – tell your visitors what you want them to do
  10. Do you have a unique value proposition? If not make it a priority
  11. People only scan web pages, so include headings and subheadings that are compelling and catch the eye
  12. Position your call to actions in the left side bar, as people read websites in an F shaped pattern
  13. Use images where possible, particularly emotive images which have a positive impact on viewers
  14. If you have to use stock images, make sure they are of high quality – better yet use authentic photos from your company archives
  15. Make sure your keywords and phrases are up-to-date every 6 to 12 months
  16. Include your keywords in the Title tags and Meta descriptions
  17. Do not use the same Title tags and Meta descriptions for every page, make sure they are unique for each page
  18. Include customer testimonials to build trust with your customers
  19. Increase the natural links between your internal pages to keep visitors on your site longer – the longer they are there the better your conversions
  20. Reduce the number of clicks it takes for a visitor to complete your call to action or make a purchase
  21. 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website if it offers live chat
  22. One study demonstrated a 700% increase in conversions simply by running an online competition
  23. Remove captchas which are a public nuisance - and replace them with a technique that targets spambots – try the HoneyPot technique
  24. Simplify your forms, only asking for information that is essential
  25. Make sure your website navigation is user-friendly and intuitive

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