Search Engine Optimisation.

Build a site and they will come….well not quite.
An average search on Google can return hundreds of thousands, or even millions of results. So how do you get your website anywhere near the first few results?
Search engine optimisation audit

Start at the source.

Flow can help you configure your site to make it easier for the search engines to understand and rank it better for your chosen keywords.

We will perform “keyword research” to understand what words and phrases users are actually using to find your products or services and will then incorporate these into your website to make the site more relevant for those searches.

We will then analyse your site for structure, content and source code, presenting you with a report and recommendations for improvements.

We can then help you implement these changes to your site or work with your preferred provider.

Putting it out there.

Once your website is ready it’s time to put it out there.

We can get your site listed on Google and all the main search engines and then work with those search engines to ensure they see and store all of your site pages in their index.

One of the main factors in how your site ranks is the number of “inbound links” (links coming to your site from other sites) you have coming to your site. Let’s be clear, this is not a numbers game it’s about having quality, relevant links coming to your site.

Flow can work with you to build quality, relevant and themed inbound links to your site over a period of time to build a ‘natural’ linking pattern that will work wonders on Google and the other search engines.

SEO Google
Keeping Google happy

Keeping it real.

Let’s be clear here there are no magic bullets that ensure good results.

Using a structured, informed approach can make a huge difference to your results without risky approaches that may not work tomorrow or result in your site being penalised.

We only use ‘white hat’ (legal) techniques to achieve our results. It's about making your site consistent, easy to understand, fast and genuine.

We can’t guarantee a number one spot but we can guarantee you will see a marked improvement in your position and visitors. We can also advise on and implement other approaches to help you get quickly listed on Google and other main search engines.

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