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The Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic had an existing website that was not representing the company in the best light, the design was dated and the information relatively sparse. The client needed a new website to reflect the positive and transformational nature of the business with an aim of generating more leads and ultimately more feet through the door.

We spent time with the client to understand the service they offered, what made them different and who their ideal target market was. This was then combined with keyword research within the areas they wanted to cover to provide an overall picture of who and where the design and content should be focused.

Figuring out the who

A technique we use to help clients define their target market is using “Personas”. A Persona is essentially a generic profile of a particular part of your target market. Essentially this involves creating profiles for each segment of your market and identifying key elements of that segment.

An example of this could be:

Janet is aged between 25 and 45, she is an average income earner and lives within the Northern Beaches area. She is concerned that she is still smoking and wishes to quit in order to live a healthier life. Janet has tried giving up before with patches and will power but nothing has worked so far.

So we can see from this that there are core elements here we need to focus on in terms of being female, the age and income range and the problems this client faces. That way we can ensure the design and content suits this person and also provides the solutions to their problems.

Defining the structure

Once you have a clear idea of who you are trying to target and what the issues they face are this provides you the ability to map out the content you need based on the services you offer and the issues you are trying to help solve.

The creation of a “site map” is a simple way to help map out the content required and the relationship between these items. For this client we provided a draft structure based on the existing content and the personas which they reviewed and refined.

This step ensures a logical structure and flow to the content on your site.

Crafting the design

Once you have all of the above information you can then move onto the design. Trying to create a design without completing the previous steps means you are designing in the dark without knowing who you are trying to target and what they are looking for.

This is the key to creating effective websites that deliver real results.

Shown below you can see the old site design and then the new design approach.

Old site:

New site:


The new site design was aimed at creating a positive approach with the possibility of change and success. The colours used are associated with calmness, progress and health. The main service areas are clearly highlighted along with a rotating banner element to feature the main benefits delivered.

Each page on the site delivers a clear call to action using simple clear language to explain the service offered.

Putting it all together

Once the design was approved the website was built on the amazing online business platform Business Catalyst. This provided the client with the facility to manage their entire website with the content management system, manage their customer database using the integrated Customer Relationship Management (CROM) system and to then be able to perform email marketing to those customers using the integrated email marketing solution. They also have the facility to manage their blog articles using the blogging module.

We recommended the addition of the blogging module to grow the size of the site over time which is an important aspect for search engine ranking and more importantly to position the client as a thought leader in the market.

The researched keywords were integrated into the site to ensure good search engine ranking.

Google Analytics was installed within the site to monitor site traffic and user behaviour on the site. This is critical to understanding how your site is performing and how it can be improved. You can monitor the number of visitors, where they came from and what they did on the site once there.

The results

The client was very happy with the result and has received many compliments on the new site.

They have received an increased number of enquiries through the site and have started email marketing to their existing client database with very good open rates.

The site is ranking at position one for their primary keywords and moving up the rankings for more competitive terms (for which the site did not rank at all previously).

Like what you see?

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