Kiddie Wear Collections Case Study

This client offers a range of European designed baby and kids clothes and was looking to enter a competitive market by selling online through their website.

Flow worked with the client to understand their target market, goals and point of difference over other suppliers.

We worked with the client to develop a new brand, logo and colour scheme to reflect the goals and approach of the business, focusing on the boutique, quality design and manufacture of the clothes.

As the main focus of the business was to sell online, we spent time developing an eCommerce site that would fit the requirements of the client, allowing them to easily manage the site and products themselves and to offer a range of useful features including sale pricing, featured products, cross selling and upselling, integrated payment gateway and shipping calculations.

They also wanted to sell product through wholesalers so a complete wholesaler section was created behind a secure login with an easy order interface.

One the site was complete we worked with the client on online marketing using Google Adwords, customised landing pages and inbound link building.

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