Email Marketing

Interact with your clients via well designed, customised email marketing campaigns, still one of the most effective marketing mediums for opted-in clients and potential clients.

Getting your message straight to the inbox

Email marketing allows you to get your message straight to your clients inbox. Still recognised as one of the most effective forms of online marketing….when done right. Flow have helped many of our clients understand how, when and why to use email marketing to help build their brand, gain new leads or market their next event.

More than just the sell

Email marketing should not just be about selling, it should be used as a vehicle to add value and create a regular touch point with your clients reminding them you are there for when they next need your services.

By providing useful content, links and insight you start to build a relationship with your clients and they see you adding value to their working day meaning they are more likely to open and respond to your marketing.

Doing it right first time and every time

At Flow we understand how to design and implement effective email marketing campaigns. Getting it right first time and every time after that is key to having effective campaigns that deliver real results. We send out your campaign through a dedicated system that allows you to see exactly what happens in terms of how many opened the email, who opened them and what they clicked on.

Some recent examples


Let’s get sending

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